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I need help submitting my notice.

Check out our FAQ's - This will help answer your questions about submitting alcohol licence notices.

How do I find my online public notice?

Simply click here and search the Trading Name of your business.

How do I find the newspaper copy of my notice?

Click here to find the newspaper and date relevant to your notice. Please review the email receipt we sent you, this will tell you the day of publishing and the newspaper your notice will be published in.

I need to change my notice?

We can make a changes to your online notice and newspaper notice if you contact us before the relevant newspaper deadline.

Please send an email to with the correct changes you'd like to make and we will confirm with a reply email and updated link to your notice.

Other Enquiries

Best option - please email for a precise prompt reply to 

For enquiries close to publishing deadlines, please call us on 0800 200 445.

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For all information regarding your alcohol licence, please visit